YourStory presents CXO Social: an evening of cloud, with a bit of clout

In the last few years, advances in technology haven’t just been rapid, they’ve been exponential. Every couple of years, new technology has emerged and transformed how products and solutions are built and marketed. AI, IoT, ML, VR and other such technologies are taking centre stage in tech and innovation conversations around the world. To give you an idea of how technology has impacted the world, it is said, if the iPhone X was to be built using the technology that was available in the 1990s, each phone could cost at least $3.56 million to produce, today.

Right now, every startup, irrespective of its core offering is, essentially a tech startup. Technology is ingrained in every aspect of driving business growth. And, as a CXO you not only have to juggle a lot of responsibilities between leading your teams and developing your products, but you also need to keep pace with changing markets, customer preferences, and more importantly technology.

Now, this isn’t an easy thing to do. Especially because technology is not just advancing faster and faster over time, it is also parallelly laying the groundwork for even more advances. So, unless you keep pace, try new technologies, learn what works and what doesn’t for your business, explore free trials when available or talk to your peers in the ecosystem, it might not be possible for you to stay on the ball with new technologies and approaches that can essentially give your startup the competitive edge that it can bank on.

While, attending tech events, big conferences, trade shows and other such big ticketed events are one of the ways to keep pace with the technological advances and get a birds-eye view of how businesses are leveraging tech disruption to their advantage or even becoming tech disruptors themselves, it is not enough. There is so much to learn from the speakers, navigate through the exhibits and make introductions in that limited time that there’s hardly any time to interact at length with people from the ecosystem.

It is here that an event like the YourStory CXO Social comes to aid. At a closed-door invite like this which will see participation from CXOs, tech experts and industry leaders, you are able to translate an introduction into a trusted connection, get advice, exchange ideas and learn. When you look outside your organisation and network, you will see that there are new ways to leverage technology for your business.


The CXO Social powered by Google Cloud will bring together meaningful connections, content and conversations and help you understand and embrace the requirements of the changing tech landscape, break down traditional silos and drive transformation that will help your business. For instance, you can learn how businesses across industries are taking advantage of Google’s technological advances—from embedded AI and ML to Digital Assistant, Search, Maps, Voice, and more or how you can enable your developers to write an application, run it on-premise or on-cloud with no change in infrastructure. You also get to forge connections with other businesses to meet your technical and business needs be it ready-to-go solutions, migration support, new app development, proof of concept, or end-to-end support for cloud strategy.

The CXO Social powered by Google Cloud is an informal networking event and the opportunity for you to understand how you can build on the same future-proof infrastructure that returns billions of search results in milliseconds, while you build connections with other CXOs who are leading disruptive startups.

Register Here to get an invite for the YourStory CXO Social powered by Google Cloud.

Date: 22 November 2019

Time: 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

City: Bengaluru

(Venue details will be intimated only to registered participants as this an invite-only event.)

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