Your Favorite DIY Projects For Homeschoolers

Looking for some DIY projects for homeschoolers? You’ll have a lot to choose from in this roundup of easy craft projects for kids!

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Pipe Cleaner CraftsLava Lamp for KidsDIY SnowflakesMaking Handmade PaperDIY Felt Activity BoardLight-up Cave of WondersSolar OvenDIY ThermometerCrystal Eggshell GeodesDIY RobotsHow Plants Absorb WaterBackyard GeyserDIY Art JournalDIY Soda RocketsSelf Inflating BalloonDIY WormeryTabletop Dinosaur Fossil DigBubbling QuicksandEdible SlimeDIY Silly PuttyCheap and Easy DIY Projects for Homeschoolers1. Pipe Cleaner Crafts


In homeschooling, you need different activities to keep the kids’ learning interest up. Making these pipe cleaner projects should be a good start.

Making different pipe cleaner crafts will also let your kids enjoy while they learn some skills. They also get to make inexpensive crafts they can decorate their rooms with.

2. Lava Lamp for Kids

Need a science experiment? Show the kids that oil and water don’t mix with this DIY lava lamp.

Of course, it’s a common craft or Science project today but it sure is a fun project no kid or kids-at-heart won’t enjoy.

3. DIY Snowflakes

It may or may not snow in your place but the winter holiday seasons call for snow projects and crafts. This DIY snowflakes project couldn’t be any more perfect.

You may need to wait a few hours though or overnight, but the outcome is really cool–it’s worth the wait.

4. Making Handmade Paper

Teach the kids how to make recycled paper. I’m sure they’ll appreciate papers more after knowing how to make their own.

5. DIY Felt Activity Board


Watching over some toddlers? Here’s a great way to teach them about shapes–a DIY felt activity board.

With a few bucks and minimal effort, you will make your toddlers eager to learn their shapes.

6. Light-Up Cave of Wonders

This is a cardboard box project so you know this is going to be cheap but enjoyable. Make a light-up cave of wonders with your kids instead of the usual playhouse made from sheets.

This will be a fun craft project the kids will surely enjoy. Just imagine all the other learning activities they can do inside, too.

7. Solar Oven

This is a perfect Science project you can do in summer, for sure. You and your kids can watch marshmallows melt in your DIY solar oven.

8. DIY Thermometer

Not all thermometers have mercury, sometimes they are also made from an empty glass bottle and a clear straw. Introduce your kids to basic Physics the fun way with this homemade thermometer project.

9. Crystal Eggshell Geodes

Want to make crystal grow? Do it in the kitchen with this crystal eggshell geodes project.

What Are Geodes? These are the second layer of rock formations within sedimentary and volcanic rock formations. They are hollow with often pretty crystal formation on the sides.

10. DIY Robots


All kids are fascinated with robots. Take your pick with what DIY robot you want to make here.

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11. How Plants Absorb Water

Teach kids a little about botany with this colorful DIY project. Let them create rainbow flowers and even veggies with this smart project.

Don’t forget the lab gown and equipment so your homeschoolers feel just like scientists themselves.

12. Backyard Geyser

Have you seen what happens when coke and mentos mix? Give the kids that awesome experience.

13. DIY Art Journal

Get the kids into some fun art projects with these three ways to prepare a DIY art journal. Let your homeschoolers express themselves more in this cool project.

14. DIY Soda Rockets

Encourage a little engineering to your little ones with this cool DIY soda rockets. I’m sure they’ll be also proud and excited to show their own creation on social media.

15. Self Inflating Balloon


Kids will feel like little scientists after making these cool DIY projects. From another lava lamp to erupting volcano and the self-inflating balloon, all are creative projects they can learn from, indeed.

16. DIY Wormery

They’ll be either grossed out or be totally fascinated with this cool project. We are positive they won’t only unearth worms but lots of learning too, buried underneath their own wormery.

17. Tabletop Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Let your kids be little archeologists for a day with this cool DIY tabletop dino dig. With a few supplies, your homeschoolers may turn out to be archeologists someday with this simple inspiration.

18. Bubbling Quicksand

Kids love anything that bubbles so they’ll surely enjoy this DIY project. To make the DIY bubbling quicksand, prepare to get messy.

Don’t worry, the fun both you and your kids will have is worth the cleanup after.

19. Edible Slime

Remember when you tell your kids not to play with their food, well now you can.

That’s because this edible slime or gak is chemical—and borax free. So don’t worry if the little ones mistakenly put some in their mouth.

20. DIY Silly Putty


Now, this is something they shouldn’t eat but I’m sure they’ll have a whole lot of fun with this. You need to be present all the time while your kids get down to work on this homemade silly putty.


This video from Angela Braniff will show you some DIY organization tips for five homeschooled kids:

Homeschooling isn’t an easy task but for DIY buffs we are here to save the day. We hope these DIY projects for homeschoolers will provide encouragement both to homeschooling teachers and kids.

We had fun rounding up these easy and budget-friendly DIY projects so we know you will have fun working on them, too!

Did you enjoy our list of DIY projects for homeschoolers? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these cool DIY projects for kids!

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