This energy drink uses coffee, coconut oil, and lactose-free whey to keep caffeine jitters and sugar crashes at bay — and it actually tastes good

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Energy drinks and bottled coffees are popular ways to get your caffeine fix, but they’re full of unwanted sugars, calories, and artificial ingredients that can leave you with a sugar crash.
After falling asleep in his classes due to a demanding student-athlete schedule in college, Jordan DeCicco went to find a healthy beverage that could give him lasting energy — but none of the options out there fit his standards.
Kitu Life Super Coffee was born out of his need for a better energy drink. 
The founders pitched the company on “Shark Tank,” and while they didn’t get a deal, consumers (and other investors) are loving their Super Coffees. 

Frappuccinos. Matcha lattes. Red Bull. A shot of espresso. Most of us have a go-to energy drink we rely on to help us power through long days, late nights, and early mornings. The problem is, most of the bottled coffees and energy drinks you find lining grocery shelves are loaded with artificial ingredients and tons of sugar — a recipe for a dreaded sugar crash. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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