Cookie Monster hosts a very wholesome Reddit AMA for charity


In addition to loving cookies, Cookie Monster apparently also loves spreading good vibes on internet. According to BuzzFeed, the lovable character conducted an (Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit to promote the Yellow Feather Fund, Sesame Street’s nonprofit organization that helps “vulnerable children.”

“It help us bring learning and laughter to children in need,” wrote Cookie Monster (or, you know, whomever was writing as Cookie Monster).

With his AMA, the character apparently brought some “learning and laughter” to the people of Reddit.

“ATTENTION! Me doing @reddit AMA right now. Come ask me questions!” he wrote on Twitter from his verified account as “da proof” that he’s the real Cookie Monster.

ATTENTION! Me doing @reddit AMA right now. Come ask me questions!

— Cookie Monster (@MeCookieMonster) February 6, 2019

He answered everything from how he likes his cookies (both crispy and soft), to how he gets crumbs out of his fur (they’re “snackies” for later).

He admitted to liking stroopwafel, calling the delicacy “wonderful,” to which one redditor replied: “He mentioned the sacred Stroopwafel! This is gangster level cookie knowledge!”

He settled the debate on whether Jaffa Cake’s are cookies or cakes. “This the age old cookie question,” he said. “Me hear to settle it. It a cookie!”

People were thrilled with the responses, and one user even declared it as “the best day in Reddit history.”

“Just reading this AMA is the greatest thing to ever happen to me,” another wrote.

As it turns out, Cookie Monster is pretty witty.

“How’s the rent on Sesame Street?” someone asked. He responded: “Me think you confused…. Rent played on different street, me think Broadway?”

To promote the Yellow Feather Fund, Cookie Monster is inviting folks to enter for a chance for “you and a friend” to meet him on Sesame Street in New York City. You can also choose to donate as little as $10 or as much as $5,000.

All the money collected will go toward helping the fund. If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, Cookie Monster even promises to share his cookies with you.

“Me running dis thing where you and a friend can come to Sesame Street to eat Cookies with Oscar the Grouch. No no, me just joking!” he wrote. “Me will bring da COOKIES!”


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