“Blended Is Better”: 5 Questions About Chivas Regal X Manchester United


Manchester United forward, Alexis Sanchez, smiles down the lens during a Chivas film shoot in July in Los Angeles, United States. The film was released to announce Chivas as the "Official Global Spirits Partner" of Manchester United. Photographer: Monroe Alvarez

Manchester United logoChivas Regal has announced a multi-year, global collaboration with Manchester United to become the world’s most valuable soccer club’s Global Spirits Partner. The three-year partnership —built on the belief that “Blended is better—in Scotch, life, and football”—celebrates the possibilities that diversity enables, both on and off the pitch.

In addition to in-stadium displays and enhanced matchday experiences, Chivas will partner with the team’s players to highlight the unique blend of backgrounds and narratives that make up the club and drive its success—and bring these stories to life for the club’s global community of over 600 million followers.

A launch film (above)—shot during Manchester United’s recent U.S. pre-season tour—provides a first look at the essence of the partnership.

Shefali Murdia - Director, Brand Engagement - Whiskey & Gin Portfolio at Pernod RicardTo learn more, we spoke with Shefali Murdia (right), Brand Director for Chivas Regal, Pernod Ricard USA.

How do you see the partnership with Manchester United elevating the Chivas brand?
The celebration of the blend that makes us successful, both in our Scotch and in our brand, continues to be a driving force in our values. Like Chivas brings together Scotland’s best malt and grain whiskies to produce our portfolio expressions, Manchester United combines the world’s best soccer players, a dedicated team and fans around the world, to create extraordinary results on and off the field. Ultimately, both our entities believe that “blended is better—in Scotch, life and football.” Chivas champions those who embody the fighting spirit and the blend that makes up theirs.

What is unique about the Manchester United collaboration?
The Manchester United partnership marks Chivas’s first collaboration of this kind with a soccer entity, and we’re thrilled that it’s with the world’s largest soccer club. What is special about this partnership is the personal touchpoint it contains, bringing our brand’s values to life in a truly organic way. The Manchester United team specifically contains a unique blend of talent that lends to its success and this correlates seamlessly to our core beliefs. Like Chivas, Manchester United is a blended collective that embodies the spirit of success.

How will the partnership drive audience engagement?
Through this partnership, we’re not only celebrating the unique blends that make up Chivas and Manchester United, but the extraordinary blends that make up our fan base, and emphasizing that “blended is better.” We will be encouraging fans to celebrate the blend that makes them unique, emphasizing the power of diversity and collaboration. To that end, Chivas will activate at matches with branding integrated within the stadium for fans, while tangible touchpoints that highlight the partnership will be rolled out later in the season. We also have exciting content in the works that spotlights our partners on the team.

How does this collaboration fit into your broader partnership strategy?
We continue to emphasize our values through programs and products for communities on a global scale. In addition to the partnership with Manchester United, the Chivas Fight Club was launched last year with Gennady “GGG” Golovkin as our main partner to aid in Chivas’ aim to awaken the fighting spirit in consumers nationwide.

GGG is boxing’s unified WBA, WBC, and IBO middleweight champion of the world, who personifies the Chivas spirit of shared success and dedication, both in and out of the ring. GGG comes from humble beginnings, much like the Chivas Brothers, and that of a blended background, like the Manchester United team. These programs and partnerships, in addition to our new products in the pipeline—one of them recently released, Chivas Mizunara—speak to our values and our focus on blended being better.

What excites you most about this partnership?
At Chivas, we’ve always focused on and value the diverse blend which is such a big part of our DNA, and the fighting spirit of our generation. With this partnership, we can authentically celebrate the unique blend of our partner—and what an exciting partner to honor. Manchester United’s worldwide following and genuine spirit is special and I couldn’t be more excited to launch this union.

—Geoff Miller is Senior Manager, Client Services for Interbrand

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