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Nothing beats a sweet homemade Mother’s Day card, so check out these Mother’s day greeting card ideas now!

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Homemade Mother’s Day cards are sentimental art pieces almost lost to time. With social media and text messaging, it’s easy to throw her a text or tag her in your status to send your greetings.

But, a true-blue crafter won’t miss this chance to show off her DIY crafting talents. So, if you’re looking for homemade Mother’s Day card ideas, you’ll find it here.

Show your mom she’s special with any of these homemade Mother’s Day card ideas!

1. Flower Pot Card

| Many moms are also green thumbs. If yours is, this brilliant flower pot card will light her up! You will only need construction paper, scissors, glue, yarn, and a marker.

A preschooler can help snip flower cut-outs easily. This makes one of the best homemade Mother’s Day cards for kids to make.

2. Pop Out Flower Card

| Pop-up cards may seem complicated and hard to make. But, this simple pop-up card for Mother’s Day by Martha Stewart will surprise you.

Learn how to make handmade Mother’s day cards with this detailed step-by-step guide you won’t have trouble following. Your green thumb mom will love these pop-up flowers, too!

3. String Art Heart Cards

| Hearts may be typical of Valentine’s Day cards, but what’s stopping you from making some for Mother’s Day? The more hearts for your mom, the better, right?

Tell her how much you love her with easy-to-make heartstrings card and your DIY Mother’s Day gifts.

4. Mother’s Day Card

aMazing lOvely inTelligent Happy bEautiful maRvelous

Happy #MothersDay to every mom on earth! pic.twitter.com/ftbsYj5obN

— Howard Farran DDS (@HowardFarran) May 11, 2014

Make this printed DIY card lovely by highlighting the word MOTHER with bold colors. You can get it here, but this makes a great idea for homemade Mother’s Day cards.

All you need are nice specialty papers and markers. Get working and let your mommy know the effort you put into her greeting card.

5. I Love You This Much Card

| This is a whole new pop-up card, or more like a high-five card for mothers on her special day. You can make this with your kids for a Mother’s Day bonding activity.

Look for more short Mother’s Day cards messages to go with this pop-up card.

You can also include this in your cards!

Mother’s Day is coming up soon! All of these #quotes so just how great mothers really are! http://t.co/QUBKDTq6dq pic.twitter.com/5JTG48fSmX

— DIY Projects (@DIY Projects) April 27, 2015

Love Upcycling Projects? Make MOM a DIY Mouse Pad!

6. Stitched and Embroidered Mother’s Day Card

| Cut out hearts from different fabrics and stitch them on with a beautiful thread. You only need basic sewing skills to get this one done on your own.

Simply snip little hearts from colorful craft fabrics as wool felt. Thinner wool felts is ideal for this one.

Line the hearts up and stitch along the center. Nothing like dozens of heart to tell her what a wonderful mother she is.

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7. I Love You Maa, Card

| Don’t be sheepish about telling mom how much you love her this year! This funny Mother’s Day card will tickle any mom’s funny bone.

It has also your signature with fingerprints highlighting this design.

8. Simple Mother’s Day Card

| A crafter never throws little trinkets and lace away. It’s a good thing when there’s so much you can do with them.

Take this simple Happy Mother’s Day card. It took some nice little buttons and some crocheted lace to make the flowers.

You can print happy Mother’s Day wishes or write it on your own to finish off the project.

9. Thanks for Raisin Me Card

| Show Mom how you’ve grown up well from her “raisin” you! Also, for cooking the best meals you always had.

This card isn’t only a cool Mother’s Day card, it’s kind of funny, too! Needless to say, this won’t cost you much.

You may already have everything you need at home.

10. DIY Bunting and Buttons Card

| Didn’t I also say we never throw buttons away? See how they make fantastic art forms with your imagination.

Get crafty and make this beautiful Mother’s Day card with spare buttons and craft paper!

11. Thanks, Mom Card

| A simple Mother’s Day card like this will generate ‘awws’ from your mom for sure. She did her job well!

You only have to write it on any piece of paper to go with a bunch of sweet-smelling flowers!

12. You’re One in a Minion Card

| Bottlecaps never looked this cute, and in a Mother’s Day card, too! When you think of minions, you think of funny things, and this one is.

Take this inspiration for your cool and giddy mom. Every mom is “one in a minion” for sure!

13. Handmade Topiary Cards with Dried Flowers

| Many crafters like to press and dry, flowers and leaves. It comes super handy for occasions such as Mother’s Day.

It’s simple and easy to make this dried flower topiary when you have materials on hand. You can make this simple art form, write happy Mother’s Day wishes and, voila!

A lovely greeting card for your wonderful mother.

14. Button Flowers for Homemade Mother’s Day Cards

| Again, this is why we never throw loose or spare buttons away. Like these ultra-cute flowers made from buttons.

Cut strips of green paper for the stems and arrange the buttons on the top to make the flower. Do this art on construction paper to make your Mother’s Day card.

15. Bouquet of Hearts Homemade Mother’s Day Cards

| While hearts are the signature of Valentine’s Day, they also do for Mother’s Day. Don’t you have lots of hearts for your mom every day?

This bouquet of hearts card is easy to make, you can do it with your kids.

Let your Mother know you love her so. 🙂


Make room for more homemade Mother’s Day cards. Follow this guide in this video from SharonBeMakinStuff:

There you have it, crafters! Special homemade Mother’s Day cards for wonderful mothers of all sizes and shapes. Giving her a gift is great, but nothing says it like homemade Mother’s Day cards.

Take these ideas for homemade Mother’s Day cards and make one your own. Also, Father’s Day is just around the corner, so start looking for some Father’s Day card design ideas now!

Which of these homemade Mother’s Day cards are you eyeing to work on? Tell us about it in the comments section below! 

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